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Powder Brows

Procedure Time: About 2 hours

Powder brows offer a bolder design while still remaining natural. Created by a machine, powder brows add a bit of subtle depth to your brows that require fewer touch-ups and maintenance. This look can also be combined with microblading techniques to create a combination brow. During the appointment, color pigments are shaded directly into the eyebrow area to add dimension and density to the brow. This method is more useful for clients that wear makeup daily and are looking for a more soft "makeup" look.

This look can also be combined with powder brow techniques to create a combination brow. This makes microblading a great option for both masculine and feminine looks. After the first touch-up, powder brows do not generally require a maintenance, though this will depend on your own skin and lifestyle.


You may be an ideal candidate if you have one or more of the following:

  • Over plucked eyebrows that no longer grow

  • Unsymmetrical eyebrows

  • Clients that want to wear less makeup

  • Sparse/light-haired brows

  • Clients who waterproof/sweatproof eyebrows

  • Alopecia sufferers

  • Chemotherapy patients

Permanent Makeup for Transgender Clients

Permanent makeup is a great option for transgender clients looking to feminize or masculinize their facial features before (or after!) considering surgical options. 

Brow Feminization

Brow feminization creates an elegant arch, which opens up the eyes and creates a lifted feminine to the area.

Brow Masculinization

With brow masculinization, we create strong (but balanced!) brows that enhance full, masculine features.


After you have booked your appointment, you will receive an email to pay your deposit if you elect not to pay the full amount upfront. All clients are required to schedule a complimentary consultation at the time of their appointment, or it will be canceled and their deposit refunded.

Please remember to send photos of your existing brows along with one or two examples of what you want them to look like.

Whether you want to enhance your existing brow shape or create a new look, our personalized approach ensures you get the perfect powder brow for your unique features.

Schedule your FREE consultation today and discover the effortless beauty of powder brows!

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